Silk In Potato:  A potato is shown to be solid and then placed into a paper bag. A black silk is signed and vanished inside a playing card. The performer's hands are shown empty and then the potato is retrieved from the bag. The potato is shown once more and then is peeled until a black spot is seen. The black spot gets bigger and then is pried out of the potato to the realization that it is indeed, the signed silk !!!!

Back in Time: A card is selected from a shuffled deck. The cards are placed back into the case and a piece of the selected card is torn and handed to the spectator. The remaining pieces are then burnt to rubbish. The deck is handed to the spectator to be seen sealed back in it's "store bought" condition. The cards are brought out of the case to be back in order with the selected card face down in it's appropriate location. The card is brought out of it's location with the piece matching that of the spectator's possession.
Note: A brand new switch of the corner piece is ingenious and can be used with many other concepts. Also the deck switch is the fastest out there with an ingenious method that will also make your deck switch undetectable.
Color Changing Deck with Paint Your Card: The deck changes color in a most visual and simplistic way. A card is signed and placed on top of the deck. Half of the deck is waved over the card in a fanning motion and the card changes color, and then into your business card which is then handed out. Gorgeous and visual.
Quarter Thru Plastic: The protective cellophane is slid down the card case half way. A borrowed quarter is tossed toward it and immediately penetrates the plastic....,HIGHLY VISUAL. The quarter is then immediately plucked back out of the plastic, and tossed back in once again. The deck is turned over, the plastic pushed back flush with the deck. The quarter is rubbed on the plastic and penetrates it once more. Everything is handed back except for the deck....., that belongs to the magician.
Sponge Ball Routine: No other sponge ball routine can top this one !!! So much magic in just three minutes. Balls are produced, change color twice, multiple production in the spectator's hand, turns into a 3" ball and then a 6" ball. A 5" coin is produced from the ball after examination and then the spectator's watch is handed back to them...., that was stolen somewhere in the routine.
Note: Some incredible slights with the sponge balls and the easiest watch steal out there. So much misdirection for the steal and the jumbo coin.
Chips Are Down: If you bought Brian's first video in the late '80's entitled, "Magical Impact", his "Orange Surprise" was his best seller. In this 2003 version, the bag of chips can be totally examined but can be set up in 30 seconds beforehand. This effect can close any show or can be performed close up..., with any chips bag.
Basic effect: The performed borrows a bill and tears off a corner and hands it out to the spectator. The remainder of the bill is burnt in stunning flash of flame. The bag of chips is never touched but the spectator, but the borrowed bill is seen to appear inside. The piece matches perfectly of course. Everything can be examined.
Sharpest Razorblade in the World: Remember the razorblade and signed card in a card case. In all those versions, the entire deck is cut into little pieces except the signed card. How about this version in which the razorblade IMPALES the signed card? Awesome and highly visual.
Watch the Pockets: Four signed cards travel to the performer's pockets in less than forty seconds. Then as fast as they are placed back into the deck they reappear inside the pockets again...,with the performer's hands shown empty before the productions. Then the entire deck vanishes and reappears in the spectator's pocket.
No side steals, if you can palm a card, you can do this routine !!! You'll also need to master a four card exchange, a bottom control and a gamblers cop, but who's counting? This one is worth your efforts, believe us when we tell you......
Razorblade Prediction: How about a bendix bombshell wallet and razorblades with a stunning climax of a signed card inside the zippered compartment, under the closest scrutiny? Magicians are fooled with this one!!
Blades are eaten, thread swallowed, etc.....
The best egg bag routine out there!!! Don't believe us? How about a full series of moves and effects with the egg...., then a glass of water produced out of the bag, completely surrounded and while standing up.
Production of a live goldfish with a deck of cards and then eating him (supposedly)?
PH's Uncanny...., need it be said that Paul Harris wrote about Brian's idea in his book, "Art of Astonishment"? Highly visual and wait till you see Brian's idea about the can.....
Magician's Triumph in the hands, no table needed if you don't want one. Will fool the magicians. All you need is a half pass and a force!!!!
Rubberband penetration of the finger...So visual, and guaranteed you'll use this one.
Salt and pepper effect; The pepper vanishes from the spectator's hands using something so ingenious, you'll wish you had thought of it!!!
These and many more....Riffle/Classic force is worth the price of the entire DVD, also a marker or pen vanishes and reappears in your pocket with no pulls....,the list goes on and on.....
So that's all? So much magic that you will do. Commercial, hard hitting, and not too difficult! What more can you ask for? Have fun and perform often.