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The Long Island Mystics, of The Society of American Magicians



Dear Brian,


The following has been taken from our monthly newsletter of June, 2005. 


Well, those members who missed this month's meeting (May, 2005), missed Brian Geer, the magician's magician.  We at Assembly #77, The Long Island Mystics, of The Society of American Magicians, were very fortunate to have experienced a Brian Geer Lecture, once again.  Brian lectured here a few years ago and was so well received, we had him on a return visit.


He is the author of five books and has a newly released DVD, entitled "Heavy Hitters".  Brian is also the creator of the "Meteor Paddle" and "The Wildcard Deck".  Mr. Geer began the lecture as a mini-show and then proceeded to explain his effects (not "tricks", as he said, his wife Jen reminds him).  She was there as the beautiful assistant, behind the product table (ahh, the art of misdirection).  His explanations of this own creations & twists on existing effects, were thorough & easy to follow.  The members so enjoyed Brian's relaxed demeanor, entertaining personality & magical skills.  A few were heard to agree that he "wanted" us to understand; always asking for questions, & repeating moves when necessary.


Even though he had his DVD for sale, a few feet away, he offered the explanations at the drop of a top hat.  His egg-bag routine was a joy to behold.  And his ending with a real glass of water, from the bag was awe inspiring.  Brian then gave away the move (see lecture or buy DVD at briangeer.com or call 585.520.5505).


Thank you Brian.  Hope to see you appear once again, in the near future.


Your friend in magic,

Philip Levy, Vice President