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Vision Care for Life

June 10, 2008


Brian Geer

2585 River Road

Pifford, NY  14533


Dear Brian,


WOW!  What  a performance!

I wanted to write and thank you for appearing at our recent event in New York City.  Dr. David Dexter under reported
your abilities when he told me I would be amazed by your talents.  I was blown away!  You were the subject of much
discussion at our meeting the next day as everyone was checking their pockets and making sure they had their watches.


Brian, I will be deeply disappointed if you don't feel free to use me as a reference.  You are a talented guy and it would
be an honor and a pleasure to recommend you to any group.  Best wishes!

Warm Regards,



Laney L. Hester

Regional Vice President

Provider Relations

VSP -- Vision care for life