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Until March 1st

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Brian Geer's
 Heavy Hitters DVD

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Long awaited release of Brian Geer's DVD entitled: HEAVY HITTERS  
Over two hours of close up magic for the working magician for only $29.99 !!

Magic that includes sponge balls, a watch steal, razorblades, rubberbands, many card effects, color changes,
quarter penetrating the cellophane wrap of a deck of cards, egg bag routine with a production of a full glass
 of water completely surrounded, a live gold fish, borrowed bill in bag of chips, signed silk in potato, and much much more.

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Brian Geer's
Knife Through Coat

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The Meteor Paddle

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On of the most visual paddle effects on the market.
 As Danny Orleans stated in his review (reviewer for Genii Magazine), "I didn't know what was dancing more, the yellow dots or my eyes". 

So much happens with just a paddle move......, yellow dots leave their leather sleeves, onto the black fiberglass paddle, join onto one sleeve, and then return to their original positions. HIghly visual magic with multiple effects.

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Meteor Paddle
Explanation Video
Complete Video of Brian's performance & explanation 

Brian Geer's Amazing
Wildcard Deck

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Fools magicians !!! A color changing deck without the sleights. The deck can be shown in it's *entirety to be blue backed, and then dealt *singly to be shown red backed!! (*or so it seems). Effect: A deck is shown to be blue backed. A card is freely selected and placed on the table. A prediction is shown to be blue backed and placed next to the selection. A series of effects then occur; the selected card turns to a red back with it's value written on the back, then the predicted card turns to red (with it's corresponding value written on it's back), and then the entire deck turns to red, with all the writings on the backs as well.
 No rough and smooth, additional cards can be predicted, no double cards, no deck switch, and the cards can be dealt one at a time. FOOLS EVEN THE EXPERIENCED MAGICIAN !


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